Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I miss working two jobs...

Never thought you'd hear me say that now didja??

Yes it's true, I miss working those additional 12-15 hours each week with some of the coolest and most stylish kids in town, playing Barbie with real life people and the extra $200 in my bank account, but most of all? I miss the discount.

I used to be able to fully clothe my husband and I for a song. Jeans for $10? Got 'em, T-shirts for $5? Check! All the cardigans I could ever want or need? -sigh-

Ever since that little shit troubled young man burned down half the mall and I was laid off, shopping for clothes (or in my case window shopping...thanks a lot house budget!) has woken me up to the sticker shock that comes with buying clothes at.....wait for it.....full price. The horror!

Now I walk into Target's sale section and balk at the prices. $30 for a pair of dress pants? Yeah they're wool, but $30?? What's that, they want $15 for a top?! Ugh!

It's all I can do to not grab a sales associate by her little red vest and scream "WHERE ARE THE $10 JEANS?? This is MADNESS I tell you! MADNESS!"

Anyways, I was doing fine NOT shopping and all until the mail came last night...and that's when I found this:

J.Crew's March 2011 Catalog


So...in case any of you are reading this and are wondering, What Would Megan Wear?? Let's take a peek, shall we?


Katie Eyelet Cami $75

With jeans and a cardigan (duh) or with capri pants and sandals in a few short months when Sacramento turns into the 9th ring of hell...


Delaney Eyelit Shift $128

Prettiest color ever, and right on trend with the nude/natural thing that's happening now, eyelit trim and pockets?! How will I live without this in my closet??  Dammit!!

All of these:

(L to R) Solid Pocket Cardi $49.50,
Forever Cardi $69.50, Mixed-Tape Cardi $49.50

~*Sigh*~ Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink....

And finally, this little beauty:

Suvi Ruched One-Shoulder Tank $225

I'm not normally one for swimsuits period, but seeing this one was quite possibly the first and only time I've ever actually squeed at the sight of swimwear. I LURVE it....

Think I can find look a likes at Target or Old Navy??

That's what I thought.... DAMMIT!

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