Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why not go site seeing today?

Today is rainy, windy and cold. Not a very good day for donning walking shoes and grabbing your camera, so why not take a little tour of some of my new favorite blogs and websites.

Go Site seeing if you will.....

** Editor's note: If you right click the link and select view in new tab or view in new window, you can visit the site without losing your place here. Just a thought**

First up is Picnik, this is the site that helped me design my blog header (which still needs some work, I'll admit). This site is great for designing quick and easy photo collages, granted, you have more accessibility with the premium membership dealy (about $25/year), but those with the free membership can still upload 5 photos at a time to play with and the interface is super easy. If someone wanted to see more pictures on my blog and wanted to try the premium membership, I'd be open to sharing....

Ok, here is one of my favorite new online hobbies— Pinterest. Have you ever seen designers or really creative types with bulletin boards jam-packed with things that inspire them? Well, those are called 'Mood Boards.' Now, have you ever kind of thought, 'man, I really like that but am not a designer or creative type who says hippy-dippy things like 'Mood board' or 'This spoke to me''? Uhm, those are fabric swatches dude, if they're speaking to you I think some pharmaceuticals may be in order...
Yeah? Well, this basically a collection of Mood Boards but they're online, so that makes it cooler, get it? It's also really helpful for all those times that you're on a website and see a picture of something that you want to keep, but don't want a ton of bookmarks clogging up your Favorites tab. The only caveat is that it's by invitation only, so if you're interested (side eye to Big Sister and Mom) let me know.  

Another new hobby, in the same vein as Pinterest is Polyvore. Basically this is like playing paperdolls, without the doll...make sense? You can create outfits using Polyvore's database of major retailers (and designers) or you can clip images of clothes from the websites themselves by saving the Polyvore link to your favorites tab. It's pretty addicting, but it's been a more interactive form of window shopping and it's helped me easily put together new outfits by playing with the clothes I already have in my closet.

Ready for some fun blog reading?? Who isn't?

Let's go someplace Glamorous, shall we??  This blog has some of the prettiest pictures of architecture, room designs and clothes imaginable. They also have a pretty labyrinthian segment on Fridays of links to other lovely sites worth checking out (this is where that right click, open in new window comes in handy!)

If you haven't heard of the Neotraditionalist, go there and swoon at her classically prep style, her pixie haircut and her charming prose. Also, be jealous of her impeccable taste... She also just started an online magazine called Matchbook. Again, swoon, sigh and be jealous...

For a good combination of intellectual stimulation, pop culture drivel and, at times, heated comment threads head to Jezebel. Sure, sometimes the feminist opinion makes me do this:

But for the most part, it's wildly entertaining and thought provoking.

Finally, if you're ever looking for something to do, something to download or just cute things to pin to your Pinterest mood boards, breeze on over here. Her finds have so far made appearances at my Oscars party, on my laptop background and in a folder marked 'Things to Do.'

Ok that's it, go explore and enjoy!

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