Friday, March 25, 2011

You look like a baby!

The other day I was walking over to the Capitol to take pictures of a bill hearing. I do this quite frequently during the week and as I've posted before (**apparently I haven't! Ok, well I will**), there's always something new to look at or people to watch.

This day was no exception.

As I approached the Capitol, I noticed an older man walking his bike, our eyes met and I politely smiled as we crossed paths.

No sooner had I taken two paces past him, he calls out to me, "C'mere a minute!"

I, thinking he's lost or needs help, stop and turn to the man.

He walks up to me and, well beyond the social norm of personal space, gets thisclose to my face and squints into my eyes.

"How old are you?" He interrogates.

"26" I say with an obvious question mark at the end of the statement.

He bolts back from my face and exclaims "You look like a baby! You're just a baby!"

"I thought you were one ah them kindey-gartners here on a school trip! I was gonna call security and have them find yer mommy cuz you're just a baby!"

"Nope, I'm a grown up. I'm here for my job! Ok, see you later!" (God, I hope not..)

He takes up his bike again and continues on his way muttering loudly and dotting his sentences with "she's a baby!"

First this and now this?

What am I, fly paper for crazy old people?

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