Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Month in a Nutshell

Oh there is no possible excuse for the way I have abandoned my blog for stupid and painfully long, meaningless Myspace surveys. The last month has been so outrageously busy that my life has practically done a 180 including new jobs(!), new loves, and new endeavors.

First thing's first, four days after my last post I was offered a full time job at one of the newspapers I had been freelancing for. I started on September 29 and it has been a whirlwind ever since, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have gotten to write about both the redundant, the exciting and everything in between. Some of which have led to amazing experiences that I would not otherwise have been allowed (see new endeavors).

In celebration of my first 'Big Girl' job, I was allowed to use part of my first two paychecks on my this little beauty. Hello Lover!

I love it and it's quite possibly the absolute LAST time I will spend that much $$ on myself. But it's pretty...

On to the new endeavors, one of my first stories for the newspaper was on a woodshop program at a local middle school that builds electric guitars as part of their curriculum. As a thank you for writing the story, the teacher asked me to come in on weekends and build my own guitar. For the last three weeks, I have been drilling, sawing, routing and sanding my very own Les Paul electric guitar with my dad (it's his Christmas present). I'll post pictures as soon as their uploaded,  but next weekend we start the painting process. Check out to see more on what I'm doing. 

Sorry this isn't more of an exciting post, I promise to do better in the future....hopefully

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

Yes I admit, I have been painfully remiss in my blogging as of late. 
In my defense, I have been freelancing for peanuts and making killer sales at the Crew in the meantime. See? Not completely lazy with my time!

I have also gotten a head start on my christmas shopping. How many people can say that? Yes, at the rate I'm going I should be done with Christmas gifts with plenty of time to hide them, lose them, have to buy new ones, and find them again in time for next Christmas. Do I know me or do I know me?!?

I, of perfume addicts anonymous, recently discovered a bargain version of my latest olfactory delight, Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf. Anyone who hasn't had a whiff of this creamy floral needs to run to their nearest Nordstrom and partake in my love for this delicious albeit incredibly expensive fragrance. Must. Own.

D. are you taking notes?? This is on my christmas list and not the first time I've mentioned it....

Anywho, a customer I was helping at the Crew
 smelled absolutely fan-freaking-tastic and, being the top notch perfume detector that I am, guessed that she was wearing F.B. Imagine my shock when she said no, that it was Bath and Body Works' latest fall scent Black Amethyst. 
Will I accept this as a short-term substitute for my beloved F.B until Christmas? Sure. It smells similar enough although its top note is a bit muted in comparison to F.B and knowing B&BW other fragrances, will probably wear off by the end of the day unless layered with lotion. Oh, well. Any other F.B lovers, go check it out, and maybe save your bank account the $95 heft of F.B.


*Happy Birthday Brother-In-Law P.W!*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shear Genius Finale Live Blog (an experiment)

Never live blogged before, so I'm going to give it a shot....

I'm in love with reality shows like ANTM, Project Runway and Shear Genius because of the fashion, hair and cut-throat competition... ok and the bitchiness is always good for a laugh. So, my thoughts on the finale of Shear Genius season 2.

Dee- Can't stand her, does the same hairstyle every time... and what's with half of her face in a half "surprise" look and half "droopy, lazy eye."

Nicole- A little on the green side, but I like that she took risks and rolled with the punches. I think she's come a long way since the start of the season.

Charlie- Bitch with a capitol 'B', but we love him, right. He's fabulous and therefore has every right, in his mind, to cut others down to size. Who couldn't love him poking fun at Nekisa?

My guess for the win: Charlie
Who I really hope would win: Nicole
Who I'd like to see go home, NOW: Dee

And I really wish Daniel was in the final 3.... Loved him!

10:01 Final 3 walks in...I hate Dee's hair. And did she just say "chance of lifetime??" GRAMMAR woman! And tears?? Blech

10:03 Hear that, Charlie's not shooting blanks girls. Although I think his intended audience is really guys. I loved his spring hair photo pretty!

10:05 Rene Fris irritates the s#*% out of me, he sounds like a deaf kid with marbles shoved in his mouth. Where did he learn to speak? And whose decision was it to put that kid on TV?

10:06 Linda. Wells. is. guest. judging. Allure is one of my absolute favorite magazines, so I would be truly star struck to meet her.
10:08 Nicole just said her weakness is styling hair.... and she's out. You're on Shear Genius, if you can't STYLE hair then why are you here?? She's not winning....

10:09 Charlie? A chip on his shoulder??? NOO! And Linda just told him that he's not going to be a diva on every photo shoot.... oh no she didn't!

10:10 I can't stand Dee's left eye... it's like 3 inches higher than the right WTF? Yes, Dee likes the longer in front piece as well as shoulder length bobs, blunt cut bangs, a freak stripe of color it's a one cut fits all!

10:11 Deaf kid Rene Fris just called the Beauty Bible editor in chief Linder.....I have no words. Crazy Challenge, 4 clients, 3 hours, hair styles through the years at ages 18, 30, 45 and 60 including cut, color and style. And locks of hair in boxes?? EXCITED! 

10:14 uhm, Dee, please stop beating your portfolio against the counter.... your work is crap, but you are not a monkey. 

10:15 Dee styling for a rocker? With her Faux hawk? And crazy colors? No S#!%. 

10:16 The sob stories begin.... my parents had no money, I have no money, I would save it, I would take my parents on vacation. Charlie- I would give my boyfriend plastic surgery- shoot, you're so thoughtful!

10:19 Rene Fris: $100,000 Pwize! Oh it's too much...

10:21 Dee- she get's her brig break. What is happening tonight?!  Charlie- hit the snooze button, you make me tired...oh and so is your idea. Nicole- Average, average average and no money to speak of..... boring again. Crap, if it's based on their story, which of course it is, Dee's winning.... CRAP!

10:22 Nicole feels clouded. And why would her models wear designer duds with no money?? Ooh younger classy to older classy..... very clever, girl!

Charlie- His 18 year old model looks like she was beaten and drugged into doing this. Where did they find her? 

Dee- I don't think a Rocker would wear a pink ruffled blouse, it doesn't scream POWER to me. Dee, do you know what you're doing? Sheryl Crow, rocker? Am I missing something??  I love how none of her girls will let her cut their hair. It's ok, I wouldn't trust her either.

10:25 Hi Hi, 3 hours starts now: 
Telling your 45 year old client her long hair makes her look older, good manipulative technique Nicole!

All of Dee's clients will have the same color hair, is that REALLY rocker-ish?? Most rockers change their hair as often as they change their underwear. Mama red looks pissed. Shameless begging of your client-high five, Dee!

Charlie's doing a 1940's updo, this I want to see. I love anything retro.

Nicole just told Rene off. Will that hurt her in the long run in the name of a risk??

1 hour left:

Nicole still has color for two more clients to do..... oh I'm sweating for her.

Charlie's scream makes me think of him in a different scenario.... eeww.

I'm surprised that with all the stress in the room there isn't more snapping... or tears!

And Charlie threatens suicide-watch out judges!

10: 39 Daniel is voted FAN FAVORITE!! Yay!

10:40 Dee looks like a rock-a-billy lounge singer, I'm not loving it.
Again, I don't think a 30 year old rocker would wear pink frills, I do however like the 45 year old's hair and the 60 year old looks surprisingly cool, despite her bozo looking color and cut from the beginning.

I LOVE Charlie's retro up do for the 18 year old, so pretty! The back is a little weird. The 30 year old does NOT look like an oscar winner. Poor 45 year old and 60 year old were aged by 15 years each.... sad.

Nicole's looks are boring boring boring. The 45 year old's haircut does look cute and the 60 year old looked at least 10 years younger. But I was super bored.

Pop up at the bottom says viewers voted for Nicole to win. Sorry viewers I don't think it's in the bag.... sad, I know, but it was boring.

10:46 Kim Vo needs to brush up on his retro updo's...fill that hole with rice and beans. Fill your own hole, Vo!

10:47 Sally Hershberger looks like she's napping during Nicole's presentation. And now we find out why Nicole's story is kind of's based on real life.  But sweet that it's based off of her Momma. Ahh here are the tears, I knew they were coming sometime!

10:50 Dee is always edgy?? Where has Jaclyn Smith been?
Charlie struggles outside of his comfort zone....ouch. Kim Vo and that Damn hole or 'hair burrito' as he calls it, stop trying to fill it up, you CAN'T DO IT! 

Nicole made mistakes and new it, but that's what they liked about it. She shone in her cuts. Really kind of ambiguous at this point.

10:56 47% of viewers want Nicole to win....will it be so?
Nope, she worked hard but she's not Shear Genius....I really did like her though, especially since no one believed in her.

Down to Charlie and Dee...who will it be???

Dee is the winner? Hot pink Jacket won?!? No! She has a droopy eye and only knows one haircut. Charlie was discriminated against for his 'hair burrito', guess his boyfriend isn't getting that new nose..... sad, I know.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here's the story...

After months of reading other blogs and being told by friends and co-workers to start my own, I'm finally doing it. I've never been very good at keeping a journal, I'm pretty sure it's been one of my New Year's Resolutions every year for the last 5. The first entry usually goes something like this: 
Dear Diary (who does this, honestly?)-
As my New Year's Resolution, I'm going to keep a journal and write in it every night so at the end of the year I can look back and see how much, or how little, I've changed.
Flip the page and the rest of the book is least I'm consistent! I recently found about 4 notebooks whose first page had some variation on this message while the rest of the book remained, you guessed it, blank.
Here's hoping this works out better!
I probably would have started sooner, but first there was the issue of  coming up with the PERFECT title. No need to embarrass myself with an uber-dorky blog title, right? Much thanks to sister Emily for coming up with The Little Black Blog. My thinking being, like the LBD that is so highly regarded in the fashion industry, the LBB (as I'm going to start referring to it) would be a sort of 'anything goes' blog. Yes I'm mainly a fashion, makeup, shopping type girl, but one day it might be a post on politics (gulp), current events, or just the crazy people I share this world with. 
The point being, I didn't want to limit myself.
I'll take requests too, be it a trend, a product, where to get Steve Madden-esque shoes for the low,low price of $5 (hint: Walmart) or thoughts on a scandal. Even great writers get blocked once in a while. 
So, with that being said rest easy, this is one LBB that looks good on everyone.