Friday, February 11, 2011

February can suck it

This has been my mantra for the first two weeks of the month. It’s amazing how an entire month can go to hell in a hand basket in just 11 days, but it can and it has.

Here’s a rundown of the Joys of February thus far:
- A work project sent me down to San Jose for a day. For anyone not paying attention, that’s a round trip of about 6 hours…and that’s if you're traveling at off peak hours and no one of lessened IQ or driving competence is on the road. Seeing as how i'd need to be there by 2:30 and leave to head home at 4 and this is THE BAY we're talking about, I could expect a good long time in the car trying to not go completely ape $#!%

- I learned of this day-long road trip exactly 18 hours before I was due to leave prompting a rush to rearrange schedules to accommodate two people sharing one car, an emergency gathering of batteries, video tapes, lighting gear and camera to prepare for the project and a quick prayer to The Man Upstairs to keep my car (which had recently began shuddering when I accelerated or was stopped at a light) to get me safely down and back.

- Lost equipment that not only induced panic and crying jags, but also a last ditch effort to purchase a new microphone a mere 12 hours before I left for San Jose.

- A court mandated freeze on Husband’s and my bank account, for which we got a “courtesy call” from our bank en route to San Jose. Cue a day of telephone with a bank representative and a paralegal from the law firm working on the case trying to iron out the details only to discover it’s a case of mistaken identity that will take another week and counting to un-FUBAR it.

- A $400 repair on the aforementioned shuddering car (which lasted the entire trip…half of which before the ‘check engine’ light came on. Between that and the call from our bank, husband and I were thisclose to Thelma and Louise-ing it)

- Sore throat, head congestion and a cough that lasted for a week (so far…) that has totally put me off the taste of cherry cough drops, tissues without lotion and the color green. TMI??

There are more, smaller insignificant details and possibly some larger more significant events that I’m probably forgetting but you get the jist.

Actually, seeing it all typed out and in front of my face it may not sound terrible as most of these events happened in a single day, but understand that while they may have only happened on one day, their after effects are taking weeks (or in the case of the car, a month) before they are resolved or the cost ceases to be felt.

Like I said before, if the first two weeks of February are any indication of how the rest of the month is expected to go, February can suck it….

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Mrs. E said...

My poor dear! I recommend a lot of V-day chocolate!