Thursday, February 3, 2011

2.2.2011- What he looks like

How in the world am I supposed to capture the Husband I see in pictures? There’s no way you’d be able to see in those millions of pixels how neatly my head fits in the space between his chin and neck, or the wonderfully hearty laugh that escapes his smile.

A picture of his eyes won’t do justice to how they change color and give away his every emotion; icy blue when he’s mad, a cool grey when he’s sad, blue-green when he’s happy and a deep turquoise blue when he says he loves me.

There’s no camera in the world that can best capture the Husband I see, the Husband I know better than I know myself and the husband who, to me, is completely perfect in every way. But I’ll do my best:

These photos were taken while walking around our college campus. It was a beautiful afternoon spent revisiting our old haunts, reminiscing about our college days and putting into perspective the journey we travel every day.

I know I'm biased, but isn't he gorgeous?

This shot was taken on Christmas and has become one of my favorites. This picture to me represents the child Husband once was, the youthfulness he still has, and in his eyes, the children that will someday be.

Interesting tidbit on these next two shots. They were taken in the dark (no lights on whatsoever) using only my flash....and they are beautiful if I do say so myself.


Leslie said...

This blog was such a beautiful tribute to your husband! I admit I'm kind of a romantic, but I have to say that you two have something really special, good for you!! :)

Meg said...

I feel totally awful because blogger never alerted me to your comment. So as far as you know, I've been ignoring you...which has NOT been the case.
Thanks! I kinda think so too....God really knew what he was doing when he made that guy of mine and believe me, I thank Him everyday for that!