Monday, June 21, 2010

Case of the Mondays

After several busy weeks at work, it's high time this girl get back into the swing of things. Not only have I hosted a younger sister while she undergoes training for a new job, worked my usual 8-5 and picked up shifts at J.Crew, this busy chick has also been freelancing for the magazine that I interned for 2 glorious years ago.

So while I have kept plenty busy outside of the blogosphere, I have a restless audience (Hi, mom!) that's relentless in letting me know how much I've slacked.

Plus I've missed it....

Because Mondays get such a bad rep (albeit deserved) I figured I'd start out with a few things that really made my day (or not).

First the 'Or Not's':

-Thanks a lot audio input on the Mult Box at last week's convention for only revealing how much you distort the sound AFTER I've exported the 6 minute video I edited down from an hour, and therefore deeming it necessary to splice together the audio and video SEPERATELY, 'cuz that will only take about a million years!

- Thanks a lot HORMONES for making any ounce of inconvenience seem like the end of the world. Oh, and for that crying jag I had in the car. Super-fun!

- Thanks a lot hole in the ozone for my lovely sunburn. I look (and feel) really cute in this shade of red!

-Thanks a lot mom and dad, for sharing that darn link that transports me to the BVI's....only through my computer screen, because that doesn't make me want a vacation but at all!

Now the thanks for real:

-Thank you to my boss' husband for taking time out of his afternoon to walk me through Audacity over the phone, I think my computer would have taken a 15 story leap out the window if you hadn't have been so patient.

- Thank you Audacity for helping me splice the audio back with the video so that my project doesn't look like a bad Jackie Chan movie

-Thanks to those darned hormones, for that lets me know that I am not in fact pregnant and my life can resume normalcy after a 7 day hiatus (TMI! TMI!)

- A Big thank you to my wonderful husband for putting up with said hormones and the aforementioned crying jag, for if it weren't for you, there are days that I might be tempted to take a 15 story leap out my office window

- There is no thank you in disguise for the sunburn, this sucks, and I hate looks all wrong on my face and my necklaces and shirts hurt my shoulders and chest. I'm not thankful for you at all

and finally,

- Thank you mom and dad for finally taking a vacation, you guys deserve it and the time away from all of us girls only means you're that much happier to see us when you come home. That, and you'll be that much more relaxed for our family vacation in July.

In closing, I'd also like to give a shout out to Me, who is allowing herself the pleasure of devouring Dreyer's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream while watching Sex and the City reruns.

You're welcome!

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Mrs. E said...

I've missed you, too. I don't ask--I know sometimes you get to blogging and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you have time to read blogs and sometimes you don't. Life gets in the the very nicest sense!! It is nice to catch up and to hear that things are alive and well on the 15th floor!