Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stellar Saturday

Summer got off to a slow start here on the West Coast but it's certainly making up for lost time now! We had chilly temps throught May but now we're weathering triple digit heat and our poor AC, which we had previously vowed not to turn on 'til July, is working overtime.
The sweltering heat means that there are only a few places of refuge to kill time 'til sundown when it cools down: The movies and the mall.
Luckily, I kept my part-time job at Le Crew so holing up in the mall's air conditioning is called work for me!
After a quick and fun shift at Le Crew, I decided to take a walk around the mall and do a little post-work shopping. Because really, what good is the part-time job's income but for new clothes? That's what I thought.....
Which leads me to my find of the day.
In need of new "weekend" jeans, I headed for Gap and balked at the $75 price tag. A friend suggested I give Old Navy's jeans a second chance after I explained the fact that their jeans were too low cut for me and were made with too much spandex (no one likes jeans that fit perfectly until you've worn them a half-hour and then they're bagging in the seat and you're hiking them up every 30 seconds).
I stopped a sales girl in her tracks and complimented her on her cute jeans. When she confirmed that they were, in fact, Old Navy's Weekend jean I demanded she show me where I could try a pair for myself.
She lead me to the sacred spot and I grabbed a few different sizes, just to be safe.
I didn't need the extra sizes though, my size fit PERFECTLY and I was told that they would stretch just enough to give that perfect "lived-in" relaxed look.
Happy, I marched to the register and did my best to ignore the rest of the cute tops and dresses on the way.
"Oh, did you know these jeans were on clearance?" the cashier asked.
I was more than prepared to pay the $34 for a perfectly fitting pair of Weekend Jeans, but clearance?! I can handle that.
"No, how much are they then?" I asked, trying not to sound too eager in case she had the power to reverse the clearance price or discovered an error in that my perfect jeans were not, in fact, marked down.
"$11" she said. "Actually, we're doing a store-wide sale of 30% off everything so actually they're going to be $8"
Jeans for less than $10? And Jeans that fit perfectly no less?
"Sold" I said.
With the change, I treated myself to Jamba Juice and upon returning home, I got a high-five from Husband for my ability to bargain shop so well.
It's the little things people...


Mrs. E said...

Weekend jeans, eh...?! I may have to see if they still exist in stores around here. (Since we're Midwest we may not even get them in for another 5 years or so!!)

Meg said...

Aunt Coco YOU of all people should go find some Weekend Jeans, aka Boyfriend Jeans, ASAP!
They're stylishly relaxed enough of a fit to be super-comfy, but form-fitting enough not to look like you're wearing too-big jeans which, let's face it, is normally the look you get when you ACUTALLY borrow your boyfriend, er, husband's jeans.
And they look cute rolled up with flats!
Got mine at Old Navy....commense online shopping now...