Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Easy like Sunday morning

In an attempt to escape the 100+ degree heat, the husband, in-laws and I all decided to find refuge in the lovely Sierra Mountains.
Namely Donner Lake, where on the drive up snow could still be found in small patches alongside the road and capping the surrounding mountains.
After a 5-mile bike ride around the lake— Mother in-law and I checking out the quaint cabins for rent and sale along the water's edge, the boys more than likely checking out the bikini-clad beauties sunning themselves on the public piers— we decided we had more than deserved a break on the beach and a swim in the lake (Oh yes I did go swimming!)
This was the view from my plastic beach chair:

And this was the extent of our late-afternoon activities:

By the time we returned home, the triple digit heat had subsided considerably and all that remained of our afternoon was funky sunburns for Husband (tops of feet, in between toes and knees...was he drunk when he applied sunscreen?!), a mosquito bitten eyelid for me and the complete and total relaxation to not care about our ailments.

Sorry for the late post!

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Mrs. E said...

Sounds great to me! I wish I had been there for the bike ride!! : )