Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blog?! What Blog??

Yeah, yeah....I haven't blogged in more than a year. Let's just forget about that little fact as there are no words to excuse the absence, mmkay?

Update time!
My life in one sentence? New apartment, new job, newfound desire to blog as said new job doesn't include writing. That and the fact that I've been reading several other blogs and wanting to have a similar outlet to rant, rave and generally remember life as a twenty-something.
Now, to ease back into things how 'bout a quick "What I love about Spring" post?

On sale at Safeway 2/$5 this week. Purchased? Thursday, with the intention of topping vanilla ice cream with Strawberry halves and enjoying fresh fruit in my lunches. And today? Gone! I ate one carton by myself on Friday afternoon and this evening the husband and I shared the other. And by shared I mean I ate 'til I was sick and gave Husband the rest. Now I have a quart of vanilla ice cream in the freezer with no Strawberries to enjoy it with. Oh well!
-Warm, not hot, days. Cool, breezy evenings
Is there nothing else quite like sleeping with the windows open, screen doors open during the day and driving around town with the windows rolled down?

- Sunglasses, Sandals and Sundresses
Despite me not liking the hot, humid days of summer, I have more than my fair share of the three S-es.

How cute is this one? I love the sweet bow and can totally see myself wearing this with a big pair of sunglasses and a cute tote.

- The floral spring scent in the air
From lilacs and roses blooming at the apartment complex, to the jasmine bushes en route to work and the orange tree blossoms that surround the capitol, I have constant sweet-smelling reminders to slow down and take a deep breath.

-Grilling on the patio
Does dinner get any easier? I defrost the meat du'jour and marinate, if necessary, and then sit on the patio with a margarita while Husband does what he does best; gas up, light and flip.

Happy May day everyone! What do you love most about spring?

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