Sunday, May 23, 2010

About a boy...

Ten years ago, I met a boy.

He was kind and friendly to a girl at a new school and although we didn't talk much that first year, everyday I looked forward to a friendly smile from the red-headed, freckled boy at school.

We became acquaintances.

The following year, the boy and I were seated next to each other in English.

We talked movies, we talked T.V shows and I helped him with class assignments.

We became friends.

After a few months of book reports, group tests and note passing in class, the boy asked me out on a date.

I said yes.

That date turned into a kiss, which turned into a relationship, which turned into love.

Five years later, we were married.

Three cities, four apartments, nine jobs and two cats later that red-headed, freckled boy has turned into a man capable of taking care of a family.

Together we've weathered the highest of highs and the lowest of lows; rough patches that have brought us to our knees and joys that have had us laughing 'till we cried.

And through it all, if there is one thing I've always known I could count on, it's been a smile from that red-headed, freckled guy I call Husband.

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Mrs. E said...

Love it!! I saw that nine years thing on FB yesterday and thought..."They've been married nine years!! Where the heck have I been?!" Thankfully, I read a bit further! Give the boy a hug for me--and make him give you one, too! Love you!