Thursday, October 28, 2010

They came bearing gifts

Holy cow you get alot of stuff when you're pregnant!

Let me tell you, Baby has a cuter wardrobe than me, and that's hard to come by!

Here's a look at all the loot:

A cute crab hooded towel and crab-themed washclothes...for when Baby's feeling crabby.

A super-soft and plush purple blanky. If Baby is anything like her mama, that thing will accompany her EVERYWHERE until it's nothing more than bits and scraps.

This was one of the cutest little outfits Baby got, a cute denim overall dress...I'm seeing this paired with white knit tights and a sweet little henley onesy.

Big Sister's work friend and her daughter put together a laundry basket filled with stuff for baby. My guess? The laundry basket will see the most work :)

This cute red gingham number was one of the gifts in the laundry basket and is another top cute outfit that Baby has. See those brown mary janes on the arm of the chair? So cute!

And a swim suit for next summer.... how do we feel about babies in bikinis? Judging by that smile, I'm thinking it's a winner!

Little Sister was quite taken by this singing dog toy for Baby. Here she is confused by the question "where is your nose?" Little Sister might need some help....

A pretty purply-pink dress that I have an idea will be Baby's outfit of choice for Christmas this year....

Anyone want to take a guess at what this awkwardly shaped gift is?

It was a really cool carseat that is suited for up to 40 lbs and swivels so it can be rear-facing when Baby is young, side facing when Mommy's in the car next to her, or front facing when she's a walking talking toddler. Pretty neat.

This was my gift, it's a monster hooded towel that makes me laugh everytime I see it. I imagine it will only make me laugh harder when there's a baby in it...

Baby wanted to try on this ballerina-inspired number from Monster. I think this will be another favorite. It's a tu-tu dress with a cute white cardigan....soo pretty, I wish they made it in my size.

Baby is so set for life, she's even got next year's Halloween costume all ready to go. Speaking of which, Happy Hallow's Eve, readers!

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