Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Games We Play...

You know how you go to some baby showers and it's all "eat this poo-like substance out of a diaper, because it's fun (!?) and not at all degrading or gross," or "let's measure the big, fat pregnant lady who already feels like a whale, but let's show her in string just how huge she's gotten! Because that's fun for everyone!"

Yeah, well, you'll find none of that here...

Instead, we played games like Are You My Mother? in which our guests had a celebrity mommy's photo attached to their back and, somewhere at the party, was another guest with their celebrity baby and they had to find each other by asking yes or no questions.
I have no photos of this game, but it was fun for pop culture fans and fuddy-duddys alike, trust.

One of the favorite games of the day was the baby photo match-up game. When I sent out invitations I asked everyone to bring a baby or childhood photo so other guests could guess and match the baby picture to the adult. The most fun was seeing all the cute baby pictures and trying to guess who was who.

Most of the guests had trouble matching us Apple girls to our baby pictures. Of course, we all look similar, but people were mistaking me for Little Sister and Monster for Big Sister...it was fun to see us through their eyes.

Here is Monster in the throes of a killer staring contest with picture number 13. Don't tell her, but I think 13 has the edge in this one....

Next up, and honestly one that I was kind of excited about because I was sure people would be stumped, was a baby food tasting game. I purposely chose the typical and a few not-so-typical flavors of baby food including peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken and apples, green beans and macaroni and cheese thinking that, number one, they'd be gross and number two, mommy or not, the guests would never be able to guess them.

Especially judging by their faces, I was certain I had them:

Some people opted to forgo the tasting of pureed veggies, fruits and chicken (?!) and opted instead to sniff out the specimens:

L doesn't look too sure about the Apples and Chicken entree.... Can't say I blame her, judging by Monster's reaction:

Little Sister wanted to share hers with me, I kindly declined

I was way off... everyone got 100%, except one person who mixed up the green beans and peas. So she won the gift for that game.

Is it more sad that I was TOTALLY bummed that I hadn't stumped everyone, or that I'm pretty sure if I had been playing, I probably couldn't have guessed what foods I was eating??

Remember the game Memory as a kid?? You laid out tiles with pictures like farm animals or something and had to match the sheep with the sheep, the pig with the pig by flipping over only two tiles a turn and remembering where your opponents had revealed tiles??

We made a baby memory game with pictures of a baby smiling (first smile), a naked baby bum (for diaper rash), a rattle and other baby-centric occasions or items.

Please note this was the ONLY baby-centric game of the party.... and I only allowed it because we gave gifts that were adult versions of the baby things.

Confused? Take a look:

Lisa matched baby's first smile. Her gift? Chapstick!

Hailey matched sippy cup, so she won "mommy's sippy cup" aka two mini bottles of wine!

George Ann found the rattles, so she got the grown up version- bangle bracelets.

This is Monster, kinda bummed about matching carseat and winning a car air freshener when she doesn't have a car...

And the irony is not lost on Little Sister, who, for matching mobile, won eye shadow when she gets make-up samples galore for working in the Macy's beauty/fragrance department...

And for matching diaper rash, Ellen is shocked at her big girl gift:

Thong underwear!

I think people were impressed by the entertaining games and were pretty delighted by the fact that nearly everyone went home with a fun gift just for them.

**Up Tomorrow: Unsolicited Mommy advice. Were there tears? You'll be shocked by the answer...*


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LOVE these games! It makes me sad I wasn't there! Why oh why can't you girls live closer?!! Love ya! (And thanks for letting me see your fun!)