Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apple Hill with the Family pt.1

Truly making the most of the first sign of fall, the family got together and ventured out to Apple Hill. For those not living in the Golden State, Apple Hill is essentially 50 Apple growers, orchards and ranches as well as Christmas Tree lots, wineries and microbreweries that sell all things apple.

Apple Donuts? Got 'em.

Apple Cider? Puh-lease

Apple dolls (with the creepy shrively faces)? Uh-huh...but eeewww

Apples by the bushel? O.K now it's just getting annoying, YES, they have 'em

This year's excursion to Apple Hill was prefaced with the impending threat of rain (70% Chance of precipitation, a big thank YOU to weather underground) but we traversed on.

We're stubborn you know.

Here are a few shots from the day:

I forget what this ostrich's name was but his feathers were awfully pretty, here's a closeup:

See that?? That's Big Sister, and no, she is not smuggling a bushel of Pink Lady apples under her shirt, that is my niece who's due to make her appearance at the end of November. Next year if we come again there will be a little toddler to chase after!

Thank goodness we brought someone to carry the umbrellas!

The boys had a good time hanging out at this Coke cart:

The rest of us had fun hanging out in our 'hoods keeping dry from the rain (why does my husband insist on squishing my face with his huge ol cheeks?? my eye looks creepy...)

There's more pictures, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow...

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Mrs. E said...

Thanks for posting pics of Lil! I haven't seen her lately. Love seeing the pregnancy progress! Love, love, love it!! : )