Friday, August 27, 2010

School Daze

That's right, we're in the swing of community college.

This has become my reality:

I know I shouldn't complain, I really do....but if I can't gritch to the anonymous blogosphere, then who?

Life Pre-C.C

- An hour of one-on-one time with my husband to and from work each day, listening to our favorite morning show and starting the day with inside jokes and lots of laughs.

- Coming home at the same, reasonable time, planning dinner and talking about our day

- Evening bike rides, walks, or trips to the gym

- Enjoying dinner *together*

- Taking turns choosing the movie and play fighting over sides of the couch

- Going to bed again *together* (are you seeing a trend here) at a relatively reasonable time

Life after C.C

- Driving to work alone, no carpool lane to bypass the morning traffic, still enjoying that morning radio show with my husband, but now we have to do it via bluetooth headsets.

- I come home to an empty apartment, he comes home at 9:30, and that's if there aren't bozos on the road causing accidents...

- No more bike rides or walks, Husband doesn't want me to go out alone in case I get hit by a car, get lost (don't hold it past me) or wife-napped. Now I go down and sweat it out alone at the gym.

- Dinner? These day's constitutes a bowl of cereal, grilled cheese and soup, or noodles, if I'm feeling adventerous, a baked potato.

- No more fights over movies or sides of the couch, I get my way every night....and I've never been more bored.

- Although I have yet to go to bed alone (wait till finals season people...) my bedtime is progressively getting later and later as Husband can't possibly be tired an hour after getting out of class...

And it's only been a week! I'm a spoiled baby...this I know, you wanna do something about it?!

The thing is, as miserable (melodramatic enough for you?) as I've been, I know we'll figure out a routine and the semester will fly by as easy as possible and make the time we spend together that much sweeter.

And someday, if we're really lucky, we'll look back on this time and think "Weren't those days great?"

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