Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jobs I have yet to have

I should start this post with the disclaimer that, while no job is perfect, I am quite content on the 15th floor, at Le Crew and freelancing where I can.
However there have always been jobs that I think about and imagine myself being quite content there, too.
That's the thing about me, I can be content doing all sorts of things. The only problem? I didn't get my degree in lots of things, I got it in Journalism and would therefore feel guilty for not having a career in my field.
There's always an air of disappointment and disdain for the students who go to school for Art History and end up making a living as a Realtor or flight attendant.
Is it deserved? Probably not. Does it happen? Absolutely.
Anyways, I digress....
Driving home I was stopped at a stoplight with my favorite career fantasy:

The Mailman
Why it's so appealing: Driving around town in a cute little truck with baskets and baskets of mail. Remember at Christmas when you fought over who got to play "Santa" and deliver the presents? Being a maillman would be like playing Santa EVERY.DAY. Also, people love mailmans, because they deliver the love letters, online shopping orders, birthday cards and, my personal favorite magazines.
I'd park in a neighborhood, pull out my cute little mail trolly and walk up and down the sidewalk delivering peoples' mail out in the sun, enjoying the day by myself.
And lunchtime?? I'd pack my little cooler and enjoy lunch under a shade tree listening to the radio in my truck.
Doesnt' that sound like heaven?
The Reality: Let's face it, I'm really not crazy about the uniforms and, my legs? In shorts? I'll pass.
Also, I'm bad with directions and who's ever seen a mailman with a GPS anchored to their dash? No one, that's because mailmen have to know their way around town and have the directional sense of something above a goldfish. A skill I do not posess...

Moving on....

Why it's so appealing: The SUPPLIES! Oooh, tape, and glue (Secretaries do too use glue!) and the PENS!! and Notebooks and planners and, and and... you get the point. My day would be filled with answering phones, making appointments, taking notes and filing. And in my mind, secretaries are perfectly coiffed, in their pencil skirts, shift dresses and heels.
I blame Mad Men for this fantasy of secretarial work, can you really blame me?

The Reality: I'd probably get really annoyed with being a personal slave for my boss. And after 8 hours of "Good Morning/afternoon/evening Mr. So and So's office" I'd begin to feel like that woman on Office Space who, quite literally, chirps "just a moment!" every 5 seconds. That and I doubt I'd want to put up with the nuances of someone who probably gets paid way too much for doing way too little and only really needs a secretary to feel important and taken care of.
Besides....I have my own nuances that keep me busy.

Why it's so appealing: Think of it, me, in a room full of books most of which I've never read for an entire day. And! The shipments of new books that would come in so our stock would be up to date with the best seller lists....I swoon. I could read all day, host a reading hour to read books to little kids. Have book club meetings combined with happy hour to liven up the discussions on plot and character development. There are so many book clubs I'd like to organize based on genres of books and pop culture my brain hurts.....

The reality: I can't imagine it pays well but this would definitely be one of those jobs that you love every second and never feel like you work a day in your life. To me, there are no cons to this career, this would be THE JOB to have.

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