Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movin' on up...

Not me, Husband.

Well ok, I guess that means me too....

Anyways, Husband got a promotion of sorts at work. A promotion that will open new doors, lend itself to new challenges and opportunities and the really great part?? More money (don't lie, you were thinking it too!)

You see, Husband became the proud store manager of Cell Phone store in downtown Capitol City back in December. At the time, this particular store was the bottom performer in the region, we're talking sales in the crapper, staff unorganized and employees making their own schedules...not good.

But, give my husband (you know, that guy who could charm birds out of a tree) a month and what does he do??

Puts a firm schedule in place
Whips that staff into selling shape
Cleans the bathroom (no joke I think it was the first time in several months)
and DOUBLES the store's gross profit

In 30 days!

He took the red-headed stepchild of a store and turned it into one of the top performing stores in the region.

So, when a management position opens up at the BIG DOG store, the store that's the flagship for all the other stores, the lead by example store, the one that all the other's look up to, guess who gets the job??

This guy:

You know what that means?
-More money to save for a house
-An opportunity to FINALLY go back to school to get his degree, this time in business

We got the news on a Thursday, which wasn't conducive to going out and REALLY celebrating so we did champagne and cake at home:

Then on Friday night I treated him to a dinner of burgers and beer

and Imax tickets to Inception

Congrats Cute Boy! I couldn't be more proud....

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