Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weekend Jeans??

Prompted by my Stellar Saturday post, several people asked me "Weekend Jeans?! What in the heck are weekend jeans?"

Listen carefully friends and thank me later....Weekend Jeans are the best thing to happen to jeans and the weekend since, uhm, cocktails for breakfast.(?) Just go with it....

Possibly more commonly known as "Boyfriend Jeans," Weekend Jeans are exactly how they sound relaxed, comfortable, cute, goes with anything....

They are styled to look as if you did a little borrowing from the boys and came away with a perfectly fitting, just loose enough pair that doesn't have that unfortunate rumpled, ill-fitting look that comes when you actually borrow from the boys.

Here is the pair I've been sporting:

Mine are just a touch darker and aren't distressed like this picture makes them look.

But what do you wear them with??
Like I said, anything goes. Keep it casual with comfy tees and long and lean cardigans, like these ladies did:

or dress 'em up with slinky tops and heels.

Remember pegging?? Well it's back and is the only 100% effective and no-brainer way to roll up your jeans and still have them look cute and not like you're about to hunt crawdads or white-wash a fence.

In case you need a visual...the following is NOT the look you're going for:

Have I convinced you yet? Or were you already a Weekend/Boyfriend Jean devotee? What will you wear yours with?

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