Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's in your bag?

I'm a nosey person. Shocker, I know. I'm a no-holds-barred kind of person, talk to me and nothing's off limits and I kind of expect the same from you. But the one frontier that I think is truly telling of a person, but it's too personal, and frankly, kind of weird to ask is "What's in your bag?"

I think it'd be fun to rummage through strangers' bags to see what they carry around on a daily basis and hear the stories behind the trinkets that dance with their everyday essentials.

So.....wanna snoop through my bag?

About my bag:
 It's a J. Crew canvas and leather tote from the Summer 2009 collection. I bought it with my killer discount for a whopping $10 and carried it for approximately 2 days before Rowdy chewed the crap out of one of the straps (Jerk.....I never get nice things) so, added bonus - now one of the handles has texture!  

A peek inside at the mess....I didn't officially weigh it, but I'm pretty sure it weighs at least 7lbs. I basically carry a newborn in addition to my 5 month-old everyday! (so why don't my biceps rival Michelle Obama's?)

 Here it is all dumped out. As Husband walked by he said "That's a lot of crap....what are you doing, playing 'I Spy?'"

I ignored him and continued to take pictures of my "crap" like a crazy person.

First up, a pair of earrings and a half - I lost the other earring :( Super sad cuz those were one of my favorite pairs.

How much hair stuff does a person with long hair need? Funny you should ask! Apparently you need 15 bobby pins (that's an estimate....I have more things to do with my time than count bobby pins), 2 spin pins, 2 hair ties, one medium clip.....and a partridge in a pear tree!

Two Revlon lip butters; one in Lollipop and one in Raspberry Pie - part of my quest to find the perfect berry lip color/stain, OPI Nail Polish in Cajun shrimp from when I found myself in open toed shoes at work and needed a touch up, and a tin of Rose Salve from C.O. Bigelow that has thousands of uses, smells divine and lasts for friggen evah.

Personal iPhone (left) work iPhone (right). How do I tell the difference? Easy, my personal phone is black, my work phone is white :) Oh, and the cases help too....

Business card holder with business cards (cuz I'm 'portant!), Bluetooth charger, iPhone charger wrapped up with.....another friggen hair tie!

Cute wallet from Target, Glam sunglasses from Charming Charlie, CoverGirl pressed powder compact and Target Debit card, because work may as well pay me in Target Gift Cards as often as I shop there. And when you live 5 minutes from one, it becomes a problem.....we're working on it.

 Three pens, if you know me, I don't have to explain myself.

 Baby stuff! Even though my kid can't fit into 3-6 month clothes quite yet, her giant feet are fitting just fine in to 6-12 month socks, when we can get her to wear them that is, it's an ongoing battle. Two baby hair bows, because you never know when the day calls for a bow.

 Everyone, meet Maude. Maude is a rainbow caterpillar with a rattle in her tooshie who often finds her head getting gnawed on by our little bird. Ironic, no? I have taken to naming all of Vivi's toys, at our house we also have Monty (giraffe), Charlie (lion), Iris (butterfly) and Harold (duck).

J.Crew coin purse and $1.76 just floating about the depths of my bag.

 One pair of retired dice from Harvey's Casino from when we visited Monster in Tahoe.

Makeup pouch- I carry this daily because I often find myself doing my makeup at my desk before work.

This is that pink quilted bag that is full of.....and this is embarrassing, more lipgloss. Clearly I don't have enough lip products, please send more, it's pathetic how lacking I am in this department. Also you'll notice yet another hair clip and that sparkly bow is actually another hair tie, bringing my grand total of hair ties up to 5..... eek!

 I will be an old lady who dies with her collections of hair ties, bobby pins, ink pens and lip gloss. Fancy!

A rollerball applicator of my signature fragrance (jeez, that sounds cliche), Chloe. I will never stop wearing this because every time I wear it around my mom when she hugs me, she takes a big whiff and says, mmm you smell so good. Also, people stop me on the streets to ask what I'm wearing, the stuff just mixes really well with my body chemistry.

**That's it! Your turn!** 

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