Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My life according to my iPhone

Sometimes the best measure of a person is to take a peek at the pictures they take. Since I usually have my phone on me, it's no surprise that a majority of my photos on a day to day basis are taken with my iPhone.

Plus, it sounds much more interesting than "pictures from my canon point and shoot" or "pictures from my DSLR." Snooze fest!

Here goes:

Cars that look like animals:

Can you see the bear in the boat?
hint: The two eyes are obvious, the area around the rudder is the nose and mouth

Find the kitty!
hint: The eyes are obvious again, the white swishes on either side are whiskers,
the door handle is the nose, and the orange area/license plate is an open mouth because the kitty says "Meow"

Random acts of stupidity:

Ok grammar/spelling police, get out your red pens and find the typo! Big Sister and I stood in front of the bib on the left for a good 15 minutes trying to figure it out. Here were our ideas:
- Every turkey is thankful for me (?)
- Every thankful turkey for me (?)
- Every chick with tailfeathers thankful for me (?)

Enough with this cryptic bib with its hidden meanings! I pulled the janky one off the shelf and the one on the right stared back at me. Oooh, got it.

Uhm.... What? I guess I didn't realize Obesity was
self-aware enough to do studies of itself...

Dude...the sign? I don't believe we can make
this any easier on you Captain Oblivion

Aaah! Realizing just how much hair Monster chopped off:

Do I have any left?!

Babies that pass out on my floor:

Almost too cute to wake up....good thing she's
even cuter when she's awake
Kay so what does this say about my life??

1 comment:

Mrs. E said...

Well, since you asked--
the car animals say you're weird. ;)
The grammar errors say you're observant. The fact that it took me a minute to figure out that the monster was Audg shows your aunt has too much on her mind. (I was trying to figure out what animal car got in your house and cut your hair!) And the fact that you posted that adorable picture shows that you know your relatives in the Midwest really need to see that baby! This cracked me up!