Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey, it’s OK!

If you’ve ever read Glamour magazine, you’ve probably seen the Hey, It’s Ok section that reassures readers that their neurotic tendencies and high maintenance requests demands of their spouses/boyfriends are completely normal.

Which is why I like it so much….and decided to do one of my own.

Hey, It’s OK!

- to be really happy for “golden voice” Ted Williams but to be pretty sure that if you ever found yourself homeless, you’d probably be stuck digging through trash cans and tap dancing for loose change. Fact: your luck just doesn’t pan out that way…

- that your favorite part of getting a new refrigerator is that you don’t have to clean out the old one

- to be really sick of people with kids saying “just wait till you have kids, it only gets worse” when you mention that you’re tired, have a headache, have to do laundry or clean a messy apartment. Yes, I know it gets worse when you have children, that’s why I don’t have any yet!!

*** edited to add: No, Big Sister, I do not mean you….***

- to be a touch disgusted that “losing weight” was listed as a positive to Michael Douglas having cancer on a hollywood news station. News used in the loosest sense of the word.

-Getting your second AARP card in the mail in 2 months does NOT mean you’re old. But watching Sit and be Fit and reruns of All in the Family on local access television certainly makes you FEEL old.

-that a Diet Coke and a new magazine in the mail TOTALLY makes up for not having internet or Cable TV.

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Erica said...

i love that part of glamour! good ones :)