Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The more you know...

Things I learned today this week (see my complaint with blogger  below):
- Turning 26 has little impact on the age you act when hungry, tired or cranky. I still act like an ill-adjusted 3-year-old with anger management issues. Give me a granola bar or some crackers and BAM! Back to being 26....well, sorta

- Contrary to my belief, Butter Lover's popcorn has fewer calories and saturated fat than the light buttered popcorn I had been buying because I thought it was "healthier." What a Crock!

- On another popcorn-related note, unpopped microwave popcorn has 130 calories. Popped microwave popcorn has only 70. Which begs the question, what nut job is eating a brick of coagulated microwave popcorn butter and popcorn kernals?? Why not just eat suet you Whack-a-Doodle?!

- I can beat Sudoku on my nook in 10 minutes or less....on the easy mode. With hints.

- In Realtor's terms, an open house from 1-3 really means starts at 1, ends at 3 or when I have two offers that are good enough for me, whichever comes first.  In our case, when we arrived at 2:45, the realtor was just pulling out of the driveway. She made sure to reprimand us first for being "late" then, after we mentioned the time, admitted she'd gotten two offers already so -shrug-.

- That if you schedule a post to go "live" on Monday morning, it'll wait until Tuesday evening to send you an e-mail alert that you have "un published blog drafts, would you like to publish them now?" Wasn't that the point of scheduling it to publish? So that I wouldn't have to log back in to click the damn publish button??

- Also? Apparently my nook believes that a spa is a place for wonder I had such a hard time on that crossword puzzle. I have to disagree with the nook on that one:

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SjD said...

I'm picturing the NBC commercials... "The more you know" *swoosh*

Very. Cute. Post. As per usual.