Sunday, December 12, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is….. Mom’s Edition

Megan's Christmas Wish List

Cashmere Sweater- Black, please. Everyone knows that a black cashmere sweater is a must-have in a ladies' closet. And mom, you know me, I love a good sweater or cardigan.

Pearl Earrings- I have a light pink pair from hubby, but I'd really love a pair of plain white ones that aren't too expensive that I can wear more often. Not too small and not too big, I trust you to know what "classic" size to get me....


 Nina Garcia's Look Book- This just looks fun, and I love all Nina Garcia's books so it would fit right into my collection! Also, until she has more of her customized look books in stock this would be a great backup.  

Watch- I've just always wanted either a menswear looking watch or a Cartier-inspired tank watch. This style is a perfect blend of the two, without the Cartier price tag :)

 Nina Garcia's Style Strategy- Again, I just love her books and I already have the other two in the collection, so really, I HAVE to have this one. Right?!

**You've probably figured this out, but if you click on the links, they'll take you to the site where you can buy it.... see how convenient I made it for you?**


Leslie said...

Boy, you make it easy on your mom! I must say I LOVE your taste!! You are a girl who knows who she is :)Btw, I enjoy your blog and have missed it!

Mrs. E said...

I haven't read any blogs lately, but if I had I might have added a few of those things to my own Christmas list--the sweater and pearl earrings! I need to check out your author, too.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year to you and your hubby! Love you!